Increase both: your hotel’s sustainability and attractiveness

ChargeHolidays is your sustainable friendly booking engine!

Label jungle

More than 150 sustainability labels and you do not know what to do? ChargeHorizons guides you through the process of understanding your sustainable impact and showing your customers your efforts so they can book guilt-free.

Carrots arriving at the reception?

Do you have problems, telling travelers, where they find the accessible entrance, where they can plug in their E-vehicles, or where the supplier shall deliver the vegetables? At ChargeHolidays you can include the precise location of every particular place. Click here if you want to find more information and discover your what3words addresses.

 Booking platforms

Platforms that take a high commission and rank your hotel down the list?

ChargeHolidays takes not more than 12 % commission and communicates its ranking principles openly: the more sustainable you are, the easier the customers will find you. We do not prefer any hotel over another because it has more rooms or a larger budget. We list according to your sustainable behavior and reward you for your great efforts.

Losing customers because they want an App?

Already now 25 % of travelers book their trips via their mobile phones.  And the trend is increasing worldwide. Programming your own App is a huge investment. ChargeHolidays offers you an easy and exclusive service.

Our Solution

ChargeHolidays does not drag away customers from your page. We give you access to a new customer base. Being listed on our platform presents your hotel to sustainable travelers who want to book comfortably. Gamifying the whole booking process, we enable an unforgettable booking journey, so that travelers arrive at your hotel who are a perfect match.

Attract the travelers you love

Via ChargeHolidays you do not just get your rooms booked. Sustainable friendly travelers are known to spend more and behave more responsibly during their stay. They are also the ones spending a longer time period at your place and are more likely to come back.


Be a role-model!

Via the ChargeHolidays Sustainability Check you can show everyone with our beautiful Dreamcatcher what you do to support the environment. Do not keep all your hard work secret but party with the world!. Show what EV-charging infrastructure you have, that you buy the vegetables from local partners and that you support social sustainability in your workforce.

Get guidance and professional support

Get inspired with great ideas while filling in our free Sustainability Check. You also get a free coaching session in which you can plan your next sustainable steps and learn how to boost your business.

Get discounts at our partners

We support you continuously. Do you think about a CO2-calculation for your hotel? Do you need snacks in sustainable packages? Are you interested in microplastic-free shampoo? Our network is huge and no matter if it is myclimate or Tutaka, we can give you easy access to discounted sustainable services and products.

Your profile at ChargeHolidays

With all of our features, we offer you the possibility to display your hotel individually to the travelers. Show what makes you special and attract the perfect guest. 

Your smooth integration


We want to make the integration for you as easy as possible. Hence, we work together wih the following ChannelManagers. 

You do not have a ChannelManager? No problem, we are happy to assist you directly or get you in contact to our partners. 
You do not find your ChannelManager listed? No problem. We are more than happy to widen our network. Please contact us and tell us, which ChannelManager you use. We will implement the integration as soon as possible. 

Are you as thrilled to be listed on our platform as we are? Contact us so that we can get to know you better, or directly start your registration here.