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Our mission is to shape the future of sustainable travel. Showing you how comfortable and joyful it is to travel without harming the environment!

If we now altogether take the step to make our travel behavior sustainable, we add an important piece to the puzzle of globally beneficial travel!

Traveling is and remains an important component of our lives. It enhances intercultural dialogue, helps to understand each other on a global level, and enlarges your horizon. Above that, tourism is one of the most important economical sectors for many counties,  creating workplaces and even contributing to the preservation of nature, hence playing an important part in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. The interest of tourists to visit cultural and natural heritage sites has the potential to convince decision-makers to revitalize those areas. Above that, money can be generated enabling the implementation of important projects for supporting nature and culture.

Traveling has many positive aspects

The current way of travelling damages the environment

Mass tourism is especially harmful as many people travel to the same regions at the same time overburdening the environment. In the Maldives, 3.5 kg of trash is produced per guest per day. Approximately 75 – 96 kWh of energy and 350 L of water are consumed per every individual traveler, while the average German household needs 3 kWh and 130 L respectively – much less! In the context of global warming and serious climate change, we need to act now and change worldwide travel behavior!

Getting oriented in the label jungle consisting of more than 150 sustainability certificates, is essential in deciding which aspects of sustainable management are most substantial for you. It is important not to feel overwhelmed by all the possibilities to improve. See them as an opportunity for innovation instead of a burden. It is a good idea to focus on particular areas first and use the learnings collected during the transformation process for the other sectors. Before searching for accommodations on our platform, take a minute for yourself and reflect on the most important aspects of the trip for you. This will help to prioritize your search results. Our ChargeHolidays Dreamcatcher can provide you guidance and orientation and you learn what the hotels can do to improve their sustainability management. Even when you are in place and discover aspects you think could be improved, it is great to engage with the hotel and inspire them with your ideas. Once they get comments about sustainability from several hundreds of people, they will start to improve. 

What to consider when choosing an accommodation  

Changing your own behavior

ChargeHorizons does not only provide a booking platform, coaching, and assessments for accommodations, artists, and individuals who prepare their trips or wedding but also educates. We want everyone to know how to adapt their behavior to contribute to our mission and to a better future.

More and more people are flexible where and when to go on vacation. If you are not bound to school holidays or university exams, try to find times when fewer people are on the road. It does not only help the environment but also increases your chance to experience an exclusive and adventurous trip. Get inspired by landscapes away from typical tourist spots. And let your attention be drawn to areas that you have not thought about yet. Embrace the surprise and experience! You are already on tour due to a business meeting? Try to coordinate in a smart way, so that you can combine several meetings. Maybe you can even add some days of holidays or worcation to stay longer and make the transit worthwhile. 


After selecting a sustainable region and accommodation, you can contribute to social and environmental developments. For instance, we partner up with WheelMap so that you can help people with disabilities to travel more comfortably. Together with wildplastic we encourage you to take recycled bags on your journey and contribute to a waste-free planet by collecting some trash on your way. What about a vegan holiday? Traveling with an e-vehicle for the first time? Or, trying to live plastic garbage-free? Being on vacation is the right moment to test new things out and to become inspired. Maybe you will even change some aspects of your daily life after returning home.

How it all began

You would like to learn more about the idea and the way how it developed during the last years?

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Sustainability is everything that counts for us. We do not only want to create sustainable products, but we also authentically live sustainability. That’s why we have decided to be part of the Purpose Foundation. Within this network, consisting of many other purpose-driven companies, such as Ecosia, wildplastic, or NIDISI, we work together every day for designing a better world.





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