You as an attentive traveler

It is not only the responsibility of the accommodations where you stay to care about the environment. Also, you as a traveler significantly impact the consequences of your holidays. Find information on how you can behave socially and environmentally conscious. Have fun while discovering and looking forward to your trip.

Travelucation – Sustainable Travel Education

Become a sustainable travel detective

Travelucation is a program that encourages travelers to adopt sustainable travel habits from an early age. The booklet and simulation package offer practical, hands-on materials suitable for families, schools, and organizations. These booklets are freely distributed by accommodations, tourist information centers, and town halls, inviting individuals to participate in an enjoyable scavenger hunt. Discover more about how this initiative raises awareness and improves understanding of sustainable travel, a topic frequently neglected in school curriculums.


Help to improve the visibility of accessible places and contribute to Social Sustainability!

Anyone can find and add public places to the map and rate them according to a simple traffic light system. The map was created in 2010 to help people who use wheelchairs or wheeled walkers plan their days more easily. Parents pushing a baby carriage can also benefit from information. There are almost 600,000 cafés, libraries, swimming pools, and many other public places on the map. About 300 new places are added on a daily basis. Do you want to be the one adding the next?

Wheelmap is available on the website and as an app for iPhone and Android, making it easy to use the map on the road.

Terran e.V. – Travel airplane-free

Help to improve the planet by using fewer airplanes!

Terran e.V. provides you with helpful hints and ideas on how to enjoy your trip without the huge amount of CO2 produced during an airplane flight. Instead of blaming flying as means of transportation, the initiative tries to connotate “terran”-travel in a positive way. They show the joy of slow travel and inspire people to make great experiences while hitchhiking, boarding trains and cycling around the world. With our cooperation we want you to get eas access for planning the transportation to from and at your dream destination!


As a traveler, you are wandering around a lot – and may spot some trash on the way. Why don’t you use the “first trash bag that cleans up the planet”? Our cooperation partner Wildplastic removes wild plastic from the environment and pays fair wages to collectors worldwide. With their projects from all over the world, they fight against the plastic pollution of our globe. Support their activity by collecting together, for instance by using the plastic bags available in our country packages. 

Serlo – Learning Module about Sustainable Travel

Help to improve the planet with your education.

Serlo is a free online learning platform with the aim of making high-quality learning accessible to everyone. Did you know that hotels and restaurants are responsible for 12 % food waste? Or that each average tourist on the Maledives produces 3.5 kg of waste per day? If you want to learn more about sustainable tourism, you can now use the learning module at Serlo. Whether you want to read articles about the topic, put yourself in the role of a sustainable ambassador using the interactive learning games, or check your knowledge in one of the quiz sessions created by our Co-Founder Lilith. You can directly put the learned content into praxis when being on your next trip! 

Leave No Trace 

With pioneering science, hands-on training, and simple guidelines, Leave No Trace helps to explore the outdoors sustainably. Caring about conservation and keeping the outdoors stable and alive, they use their passion to educate and support. Watch this entertaining video and gain some information about sustainable friendly travel behavior.