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ChargeHolidays believes in a greener and healthier planet. The tourism sector has a significant impact on this goal. However, it is not easy to behave sustainably – neither as an accommodation nor as a traveler. That’s why we cooperate with myclimate: your possibility to compensate for what can not be avoided and support sustainable projects all over the planet!

For travelers

Support myclimate and its projects by compensating your trip directly withing your booking process. Additioinally you can donate by collecting Sustainability points!

Become a climate neutral accommodation!

  • MyClimate calculates your individual footprint. For compensating travellers will not pay the fixed rate but your individual sum.  Thus: the more sustainable your hotel is, the less travellers will pay.
  • You are displayed as one of our climate neutral accommodation providers.

As our partner, you as hotel get 50% discount.

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Calculation and display of CO2 footprint


Additional coaching

Individual planning and support to reduce your hotel‘s footprint

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