Sustainability Check:
unifying sustainability labels for greater transparency

For accommodations, 

Get your ChargeHolidays Sustainability Check:


Combining several sustainability labels
into one transparent system

Providing an immediate overview of the sustainability performance


Filtering due to the customers’ individual sustainability preferences


Improving the accommodation constantly by hints and assistance through the check


Promoting the accommodation’s sustainable performance everywhere.

Displaying the Sustainabiliy Check and your cooperation with ChargeHolidays in your media presence

ChargeHolidays Dreamcatcher

You want not only to be sure that your car gets satisfied with electricity but also that you are happy receiving eco-friendly delicious food?
Have you ever wondered what accommodations do for respecting the surrounding nature, how they treat their employees and where the electricity comes from? Do you want to get ideas about what you can do as traveler in order to positively contribute to the well-being of the environment?

Let your dreams come true with our dream catcher. This unique adaptation of a spider diagram helps you to balance between the different accomodations and make a decision well informed and quickly.


Does the accommodation provide you with a free ticket to ride the regional means of transportation during your stay? How well developed is the charging infrastructure for electric vehicles? Does the hotel offer information on CO2 emissions regarding different ways of travel? Can I rend a bike for sustainable positive excursions?

In this section we make transparent how progressive the accommodation performs regarding its means of transportation and informs you to behave accordingly. 

Our ChargeHolidays Sustainability Check is hanging on the wall of a hotel

ChargeHolidays –
Certified Sustainability Check

At the moment more than 150 certificates for sustainable tourism do exist. But: who of you knows which criteria play a role and which accomodation is performing how?

We end the area of confusing grades and scores and bring light into the label jungle. For the sake of transparency and comparability we developed the Certified Sustainability Check. In the categories MOBILITY, WATER & ENERGY, CONSUMPTION & WASTE, TRANSPARENCY & EDUCATION, SOCIAL SUSTAINABILITY, FOOD & SANITATION, ARCHITECTURE AND EQUIPMENT our check provides a deep dive into the hotels as well as holiday flats and provides you with a good and understandable overview.

Dreamcatcher for shaping your accommodation’s future

The ChargeHolidays-Sustainability-Check does not only enable you to give your customers a transparent glimps behind the scenes, but moreover to improve yourself. Along with the Check you will receive a detailed evaluation and coaching for the upcoming year. We invite you to conduct the check together with us and kick off together into an innovative sustainable future! Don’t hesitate to contact us

Dreamcatcher for attracting customers without Greenwashing

You want to satisfy your customers with eco-friendly delicious food as well as happy and friendly employees? You want to show them that you are donating for a human right’s foundation or planting trees? This is your possibility to show your differences to other accommodations and promote your sustainable conscious behaviour.