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ChargeHolidays Dreamcatcher

Have you ever wondered what accommodations do to represent sustainability and eco-friendly tourism? Dream catcher provides you with the ability to have an in depth perspective on the initaives accomodations are taking to ensure that the services offered benifit the environment.

Dreamcatcher will give you the opportunity to see tourist organisation in full transparency, allowing you to make more cautious decisions. Understanding, how accomodations  your choice impact various eco sectors.

Let your dreams come true with our sustainable Dreamcatcher. This unique adaptation of a spider diagram helps you to balance between the different accommodations and make well informed decisions quickly.





Does the accommodation provide you with a free ticket to ride the regional means of transportation during your stay? How well developed is the charging infrastructure for electric vehicles? Does the hotel offer information on CO2 emissions regarding different ways of travel? Can I rend a bike for sustainable positive excursions?

In this section we make transparent how progressive the accommodation performs regarding its means of transportation and informs you to behave accordingly.

You want to do more than book a sustainable stay?

Get hints on how to behave respectfully and contribute to the well-being of your destination.