The Bitter Sweet Enjoyer




Let us steal you away with some relaxing tea combined with a piece of amazing chocolate whilst you can read about a dish picked by natives and learn more about the countries spices and clear instructions gor you to follow once you wish to escape reality once again, over and over. Or to relive your favourite memories from your last trip.

Want to learn more about the chocolates?

Belize – 82 %: Nutty notes, accents of dried fruit (plums, cherries) on the nose. On the palate: nougat, cream, caramel accents, light spicy and fruit notes (cranberry and plum), intense sour cherry aroma, slightly tannic finish.

Belize – 72%: tender fruit mix, subtle notes of olive and cinnamon in the nose. On the palate: surprisingly sweet and mild, caramelised nuts, sweet condensed milk, mild floral note, blackberries, a grape hull and malt finish.