Country Package: South Korea (Large)



A gorgeous and scenic country famous for its street food, pop bands, medical tourism, skincare products, technologies and of course, gangnam style. Traveling to this “land of the morning calm” sounds just as serene as advertised, We have created a little package to give you hints of this country’s culture and food. South Korea’s cuisine is surrounded by spice, hotness, savor, piquant, tang and love. All of these characteristics are added in the “turbo scharf spice” mix available in this package.

Whether you want a taste of Kimchi, tteokbokki, Korean barbecue or literally any other Korean specialty, this spice mix will help you achieve the standard zippy taste. If things are getting a little spicy for you, it’s time to add some mildness to the platter with our potato salad mix, a teaspoon will bring back the balance and offer you another corner of Korean food culture.

Traditionally, drinking tea is essential to attain true Korean sentiment. With our “Green chili” tea leaves you will be envisioning yourself wearing a Hanbok and enjoying the simple life surrounded by sweet smells. A tea always needs company hence, we have some spicy nuts to chum with.

South Koreans are very particular about their care routines, so we offer you a lemongrass shampoo that will marinate your soul with the palatable lemony fragrance while fabricating a refreshing south Korean ambiance. If you want to gift someone an authentic “Hanguk” experience, this package comes through. If you’ve visited South Korea & entirely want to relive its “Zeitgeist”, try this bundle.

This package includes:

– 1 Recipe Card: Doenjang jjigae vegan

– 1 Postcard: South Korea

– Just Spices (61g) – Taste: Turbo Scharf

– mynuessle (130g) – Taste: spicy

– Samova Tea (20 à 1,3g) – Taste: Lazy Dase Express

– Just Spices (54g) – Taste: Potato Salad

– Nicama Travel shampoo (50g) – Taste: Lemongrass

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