Country Package: Nigeria (Large)



The home to the second-largest film industry on the globe whilst also being the fashion, technological and creative hub in Africa. The giant of Africa is known for its vibrant and friendly energy expressed through it’s diverse creative expressions, food and culture. We all want to experience the Nigerian food that will blow our taste buds, however achieving the stellar original taste can be a bit of a task, hence, we have set forth a special “sweet love” spice mix in this package that will bring you a little closer to the genuine Nigerian taste.

Pairing some crispy spicy nuts as a snack is always a sublime idea and so we have coupled these ethnically spiced nuts for you. Some sweetness is essential after spicy food. Nigerians not only love to drink but also to eat chocolate, so join their habits and enjoy the CO2-free 82% chocolate bar, getting filled with Nigerian images just right from home. Now, it is time to relax the Nigerian way.

Engulf yourself in some saccharine tea with our space cookie leaves & let all worries waft away. A nice bath after a calming tea sesh sounds just exemplary, doesn’t it? With our exhilarating coffee soap, you can drench yourself in the most ambrosial fragrance.

Reminisce the gorgeous country with these simple steps. Now, you have been mentally delivered to Nigeria. With just some quintessential products and ambiance has been constructed. If you want to gift someone an authentic “Naija” experience, this package comes through. If you’ve visited Nigeria and entirely want to relive the “Zeitgeist”, try this bundle.

This package includes:

– 1 Recipe Card: Akara

– 1 Postcard: Nigeria

– Just Spices (60g) – Taste: Sweet Love

– mynuessle (130g) – Taste: spicy

– Chocolate Zotter Labooka (2x35g) – Taste: 82 % cocoa

– Samova Tea (20 à 1,3g) – Taste: Space Cookie Express

– Nicama Travel soap (50g) – Taste: coffee

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