Country Package: India (Small)



“Jewel in the crown” as it is known, India is a carefully woven tapestry with threads of several cultures, languages, ethnicities and religions. But one thing is common out of all these aspects: the overwhelming quality of the food. If you want to experience India, you must begin with the “masala”, translated: as the spice.

In this carefully curated package of India, we have offered the most important masalas from the great Indian kitchen to you: Garam Masala. Invite the taste of India into your own home. In India, they say, “A way to someone’s heart is through their stomach”. So, do not hesitate to try it out and start your journey by adding a little extra spice to your life:

Indian all-rounder spice. Well, now we are offering you a distinctive curry and carrot dumpling which will fly you on a magic carpet ride to India. Are you tired? Then it’s time for a delicious cup of tea: Space cookie tea enables you to mount to the sky and enjoy the beauty of the world while adding a soft sweetness to your dreams.

Do you know what goes well with tea? Nuts! Keeping in mind, that we are still in imaginary India, nothing is possible to add to them except a great amount of spice. If you want to gift someone an authentic “Bharat” experience, this package comes through. If you’ve visited India & entirely want to relive its “Zeitgeist”, try this bundle.

This package includes:

– 1 Recipe Card: Pav Bhaji vegan 

– 1 Postcard: India

– Just Spices (64g) – Taste: Garam Masala

– Samova Tea (20 à 1,3g) – Taste: Space Cookie

– Just Spices (65g) – Taste: Indian Alrounder

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