Country Package: Germany (Large)



A country of “sausages & beer” is how the Bundesrepublik Deutschland is known. However, this description does not meet the essence of the country. Germany has so many aspects to offer and we are here to share them with you! We have curated the most serene package dedicated to the captivating nuances of this country. We have packed some really exquisite products in this country package starting with helping you to prepare the most popular palette cleanser in the country:

Potato salad. This potato salad spice mix presents the discerning flavor of Germany’s national assortment along with a feeling of great content. If you have ever experienced traditional German drinking, then you must know that nuts are an integral part of the process. The salted nuts we have set forth will be considered happiness in sustainable glass packaging. Important side note: the herbs used to give the nut mix an extra sense of aroma explosion originates locally from German Alpes. Adding an herb that has ingratiated itself to the German cuisine:

Rosemary. Use the perfect travel shampoo in one blog ready to pack into your suitcase to take a sense of Germany on your next trip. Any German dish is incomplete without bread, so why not be inspired by the Parsley flavored Knödel as a delicious way of fighting against food waste. After enjoying the delicious meal, it is time for a calming cup of chamomile tea, known for its health benefits, particularly for the cardiovascular system. If you want to gift someone an authentic “Deutschland” experience, this package comes through. If you’ve visited Germany & entirely want to relive its “Zeitgeist”, try this bundle.

This package includes:

– 1 Recipe Card: German Potato Salad

– 1 Postcard: Germany

– Just Spices (54g) – Taste: Potato Salad

– mynuessle (130g) – Taste: herbs

– Samova Tea (20 à 1,3g) – Taste: Smooth Operator Express

– Knödelkult (350g) – Taste: parsley

– Nicama Travel shampoo (50g) – Taste: Rosemary

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