Travelling is a multi-fold experience. Starting on a journey does not always mean to change your geographic location. Starting into a new period of life is also the beginning of a journey. One of the most changing once is for sure the decision to get married. Besides the emotional part, a lot of organization is required. Ending by the honeymoon and starting with the invitation list of guests to the party, the whole wedding journey is not only a lot of work but can be a really nice way of discovering new and interesting aspects. In our article triology about sustainable wedding we want to provide you with some hints how you can combine being romantic and learning more about sustainability, contributing not only to the future of your family luck but also supporting the future wellbeing of our planet.


On average a wedding produces 200 kg of garbage and 63 tons of CO2.

Even before the marriage a ring for the engagement is at least a topic one could think about. There is no need of having an engagement ring, however still many couples like to show their plan to get married with a small jewelry. As latest as the marriage is fixed, the wedding ring needs to be designed. But how can jewelry be not sustainable friendly?


Rings need to be constructed out of natural material. Metals normally used – such as gold or silver – the same as diamonds, do mainly originate from mines, in which sustainable as well as social standards are not met. Mining conducted in river beads often leads to the exploitation of secondar deposits without any environmental restauration. Consequently, natural habitats are destroyed, contributing to many animal and plant species becoming extinct.

For producing 4 grams gold, 1.000 tons of natural material is used. From 2005-2010 10% of the Amazonian rainforest were destroyed for the sake of noble metal.

Additionally, child labor is common in those mining processes. However, even for adults mining is an unrewarding process. The workers earn only a fraction of the value they actually dig out. Mostly, they also do not have the experience of estimating the right value of their findings and can get highly underpaid.

A gold mine needs 150.000 l of water per hour.

The sourcing and manufacturing of diamonds are at least evenly critical. The industry is partly involved in funding cruel civil wars and providing critical money in conflict zones. Consequently, in case you follow the lyrics “diamond are a girl’s best friend” be careful which material you choose. There are a few supply chain tracking systems, providing you with a transparent insight, showing you whether the diamonds are conflict-free. Also try to consult an artisan of your trust. If you can afford designing your wedding ring at a local vendor you not only support rural structures of handmade art, but also choose the materials by your own. 

Moreover, you reduce your CO2-foodprint by avoiding emission heavy means of transportation. This is especially important as a wedding ring should fit perfectly to your finger size and you may send it back and forth several times till you are satisfied. It is much nicer for your own stress-level as well as the environment to just walk aroundthe corner to a local vendor.

More than 30% of mined silver and 60% of gold is used for jewelery. Thus, be aware of the influence your buying decisions have!

Never heard about secondhand jewelry? The material of rings is not spoiled, only because someone has worn it for a couple of years. The stones as well as the metal can be reused. That saves material and creates new beauty out of valuable jewelry of different kinds.
If you are open to less traditional ways of your wedding ring, we suggest trying alternatives to metal and stones. Is the noble black appearance with a shiny surface something which adds a nice detail to your finger? Carbon rings exist in a huge variety. They are often based on a cradle to cradle approach, being able to recycle the material quite efficiently.

Also, wooden rings can be a nice alternative. In the production process, they need far less energy than noble metals. Above, the material can originate from local wood. Be careful when deciding which wood you choose. There are certificates, awarded by organizations such as the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) guaranteeing that the material meets a catalog of 10 criteria, ranging from the respect of rights of Native Tribes to the guarantee of biodiversity.

“Traveling sustainably is a great way to give your brain a burst of engaging experiences that can be really healthy from a psychological perspective”

You can also step out of the traditional way of wearing a ring, by deciding for a tattoo instead. When choosing sustainable friendly colors, you avoid a lot of negative impact. Moreover, a tattoo can be more comfortable and practical as well. Boring that you cannot put on the wedding ring in the moment of your wedding and scared of  missing the “wow”-effect? Try out to use different technices, like wearing gloves which you then can uncover for surprising your guests.

Lilith Diringer

Our CEO Lilith is fascinated how many aspects can be designed in a sustainable way when getting married. She is eager to discover new sustainability hacks every day and likes to share her research and experience with you.