As we review the achievements of 2023 and look ahead to the promising prospects of 2024, we stand at a crucial juncture, particularly with the approach of the new year. This celebratory period offers a distinctive chance for us to reconsider our traditions and their ecological implications, whether we are travelers, individuals working in the hospitality sector, or independent hotel managers.

The Magic and Impact of Fireworks: Fireworks have long been synonymous with celebration, especially during Silvester. Their bright colors and spectacular booms are a feast for the senses. However, we must acknowledge their long-term effects on the environment and health. The air pollution and litter caused by fireworks pose significant challenges to urban cleanliness, wildlife, and overall air quality.

Innovative Alternatives – The Rise of Drone Shows: The good news is the emergence of eco-friendly alternatives that are gaining popularity. Drone shows, for instance, offer a breathtaking experience with reduced environmental impact. They provide customizable displays in terms of colors and shapes, offering a novel and mesmerizing spectacle. This is particularly relevant for hotels looking to differentiate their festive offerings while maintaining a commitment to sustainability.


Benefits of Drone Shows:

  • Customization and Uniqueness: The level of personalization in drone shows allows for unique experiences that resonate much better with all of us than standard fireworks, already seen hundreds of times. 
  • Safety and Inclusivity: Drones are safer and more considerate of people with noise sensitivities. Have you ever traveled together with your puppy or newborn child? Nothing is worse than starting the new year with terrified offspring or dogs peeing in your room. 
  • Environmental Stewardship: By choosing drone shows, travel destinations can reduce noise and air pollution, aligning with the growing global emphasis on environmental responsibility. Who wants to scare away the birds from the hotel garden?
  • Regulatory Compliance: With cities like Amsterdam and San Francisco setting precedents in limiting fireworks, adopting drone shows positions accommodations and whole regions as a forward-thinking leader in sustainable hospitality.
  • Ease of Cleanup: Drone shows significantly reduce the post-event cleanup effort, maintaining the aesthetic appeal of your premises.

Our Role as Traveler: Choosing an accommodation that cares about its environment is crucial. Look at our App to find detailed insights into the lived practices at your destination. Don’t be shy and call the hotel if it does not display the information you want. Furthermore, once you are there, engaging in discussions with hotel staff and fellow travelers is always inspiring. By leaving an evaluation about the accommodation, mentioning such sustainable friendly practices as a drone show instead of air-polluting fireworks, you thank the hotel for its contribution to our well-being and encourage other travelers to think about such important topics.

Our Role in Driving Sustainable Change as hospitality professional: Every expert in the industry has the power to set new standards in sustainable celebrations. By choosing environmentally friendly alternatives like drone shows, we not only enhance our guests’ experience but also contribute to the larger movement towards a healthier, more sustainable world

Looking Forward to 2024: Let’s embrace the new year with a commitment to sustainability in every aspect of our living. By pioneering eco-friendly practices, we can create a brighter, greener future for keeping traveling alive also in the future!