Did you know that the amount of wrapping paper used in the US alone counts for 4.6 million pounds of waste every year? How about that millions of Christmas trees end up in landfill after the holidays? We know everyone wants to enjoy their holidays comfortably and not stress over finding information on how to do things more sustainably. That’s why we gathered all the valuable tips in this article for you.

You do not have to spend your Christmas without a tree to save the environment. Instead, you can look into renting a tree for the holidays. That way, you do not have to bother with all the needles of your dying tree and know that your Christmas tree will enjoy a happy life even after the festivities are over. By renting a tree you can enjoy the smell of a real plant in your house, you get to show the tree some extra love by taking care of it and after the holidays you just take it back to the rental so someone else could enjoy it next year.

If you do not want to deal with the mess of having an additional real tree in your home then a fun way to still get into the Christmas spirit is by decorating your house plants or a tree in your yard.

Still not enough Christmas spirit? Why don’t you build your own tree-like structure? Many ideas can be found online and offline using wood, metal, stones, or different materials which you can magically turn into a Christmas tree alternative by spending some hours handcrafting. Make yourself a tee, turn on the Christmas music and start the adventure by designing your own alternative tree which you can reuse every year.

If you want to show your loved ones that you are thinking about them during the holidays by sending a postcard then we might have a fun idea for you. Did you know that there are companies that make plantable postcards? These cards contain seeds that you can plant in the spring. What a fun and unique way to stay in someone’s mind even after the holidays. Alternatively, you can choose one of the companies that produce recycled and recyclable postcards, such as beautiful designs on vegan grass paper.

When already talking about recycled paper, we should also mention gift wrapping. Although bright and sparkling wrapping paper might seem festive, it is not good for our planet to buy and use tons of it every year. We recommend using recycled paper, even old newspapers or packaging stuffing for your gift wrapping can be excellent material. That way your present wrapping style would still stand out by being one of a kind. And the best part? Your loved ones will know you were extra thoughtful with your presents.

Plastic is hard to avoid any day, but especially during holidays. It may seem like everything is covered with it. Look out for plastic wreaths and other decorations. Prefer something hand-made and recyclable. You can find real freshly made wreaths from Christmas markets. That way you will not only be more eco-friendly, but also support a small business that makes sustainable Christmas decorations locally.

Another big problem is food waste. During the holidays people tend to overbuy food that will just end up in the trash later. Don’t buy more than you can eat! Maybe you can be creative and make many dishes out of the ingredients you already have. A good way to save food from going to waste is to share it with your neighbors or offer your guests to take some home to eat later. You should also keep an eye on food-sharing groups to see if you could share your food with people all over your town.

Food isn’t the only thing you can save from turning into waste. Actually, there are a lot of materials that can be reused. No matter if it is packaging paper, decorations or ingredients. Be creative and reuse what you find either after the festivities in the upcoming seasons or for the holidays next year. Just keep your eyes out for things that you think will be useful again!