Leipzig Graduate School of Management; “Nachhaltig.Weiblich.Sächsisch” – 20.10.21

“What was one great achievement that you have reached during your founding experience so far?” It is one woman from the audience, a start-up founder herself, who has just jumped into the fish-bowl discussion. “It is difficult to condence all my experience into single steps, but maybe one big milestone was the final development of the ChargeHolidays Sustainability Check. It was a really long process…” and I continue to talk about the hours of research in the field of travel certificates and certification institutions, the interpretation of different statistics, online talks to a variety of stakeholder… and my proud feelings when I finally published the measurement system and the first hotel registered for the Sustainability evaluation. The round of question continues and I listen attentively while Gesche is telling about her experience founding with her partner and managing a family as well as a company simultaneously.

I immediately agreed when I was asked to contribute to the Women Entrepreneurship Week 2021. In a discussion with Gesche Weger, Co-Founder of PackwiseGmbH, and Prof. Dr. Claudia Lehmann,  I answered questions from the audience, ranging from financing to sustainable leadership.

It was a great experience discussing in such an inspiring atmosphere! In the end we all agreed on the scheduling of further discussion rounds as so many topics remained untackled.

In any case, I will keep you up to date.

— Lilith