As a conscious climate consumer, you are already aware of the impact of climate change and the need for sustainable travel. You may already choose eco-friendly accommodations, pack light, and travel by train or bus.
However, do you still feel your actions don’t matter in the grand scheme? You might even feel like it’s the responsibility of companies and governments to take the lead. What if we told you that individual action is equally important to fix the climate crisis and that now there is a platform to help you live the most sustainable lifestyle possible?

Our Actions Do Matter, and it’s not too late.

It’s easy to feel helpless in the face of climate change. The problem is so vast, and it can be hard to know how to make a difference. But remember, no meaningful change in history simply happened. Change happened because people demanded it.

Pathway to Independence

We are part of an economy, a company we work for, and a political system. Businesses rely on people to buy products, and political systems rely on happy people to flourish. That means every action you take influences your surroundings. The more you talk about it, the bigger your impact. 

To get technical: The top 10% of individual emitters are responsible for almost 50% of global emissions (1). Most of us in the developed world count to the top 10-20%.

Climate scientists agree that demand-side mitigation can reduce global greenhouse gas emissions by 40-70% compared to the baseline scenarios. Most importantly, we are not yet doomed. The next 8 years are the only years we have left to limit global warming to 1.5° / 2° and to avoid an irreversible climate disaster. These numbers show us that individual action matters, and those with the highest emission can have the biggest positive impact!

 Films build openness, tolerance, and most of all empathy.

What is a climate consumer or Climesumer?

A Climesumer tries to live the most sustainable lifestyle possible by taking holistic, individual climate action. Based on their personal situation, like region, income, or access to resources, they try their best to:

  • Learn about the climate crisis and the most impactful individual actions.
  • Choose available sustainable substitutes where they can.
  • Choose a job and company prioritizing sustainable practices.
  • Become climate activists, pressuring governments, corporates, and politics to advance climate action is the climate action platform that does just that. 500+ resources across 12 categories help you help conscious consumers like you live the most sustainable lifestyle possible.

They offer a wealth of information on how to make travel more sustainable. From eco-friendly accommodations to green transportation options and sustainable travel gear, the platform provides access to 10k+ sustainable alternatives to help you live in the sustainable future, already today, while experiencing the joys of travel.

In addition to sustainable travel resources, offers a Climate Action Guide for individuals guiding you through the most impactful climate actions, 140+ recommended books, 100+ podcasts, 40+ newsletters, 20+ climate-focused job boards, 40+ communities, news outlets, movies and documentaries, reports, educational resources, activist groups and tools for political action.
Individual actions turn into collective movements.

Studies show that when one family decides to use solar panels on their roof, their neighbors are more likely to switch to solar too. That means the more you talk about your sustainable actions with your friends or colleagues or ask for vegan food in the hotel you are staying in, the more people will follow, and many people we need.
We need climate action on all fronts – individuals, companies, and governments. If companies and governments don’t move, individuals must demand more, and is the platform to do that!


Stop worrying, start taking climate action!

Whether you want to travel sustainably or take effective climate action in any part of your life, has the resources to take action. It helps you become a climate consumer and live in the sustainable future we all want, already today. Action is the most effective way to reduce and cope with climate anxiety. Don’t wait for companies, governments or other countries to take the lead. Become a Climesumer and start taking action today with